BYTE 2020 Conference

Thank you Glenboro School for hosting this year’s annual BYTE Conference. This conference always provides a great selection of informational and hands-on sessions for participants.

Here are links to resources for two sessions that I presented at this year’s conference:

  • The Other Google Tools for Learning – This BYOD hands-on session explores some other less famous tools such as Google Keep, Expeditions, Google Science Journal, and more. You will also learn more about Google’s CS First Program, Applied Digital Skills curriculum and other teacher resources.
  • Curating Learning – this hands-on BYOD session, you will learn how to curate learning for your classroom. Wakelet, an online tool, has a number of features to help you and your students create visually appealing collections of resources such as websites, videos, Twitter chats, and much more.

Please feel free to share these resources with your peers and colleagues.

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