About Me

Welcome to my website. I hope that in time that my passion for ICT tools will be reflected on this site. Any improvement suggestions are most welcome. 

I use a variety of tools such as Diigo, and G Suite for Education on a regular basis. Busy exploring many other “EdTech tools” to help myself and others leverage their power to do what was not as easily possible before.

Roles in Education (37 years as an educator/learner):

  • Classroom Teacher,
  • Head of Department,
  • Faculty EdTech PD support & training,
  • Administrator


Manitoba Association for Computing Educators – Director, Treasurer, SAGE Registrar www.manace.ca



  • Google Certified Educator Level 1 & 2
  • Google for Education Certified Trainer
  • SMART Certified Educational Trainer (currently updating my certification)
  • Certified SMART Notebook 11 & Notebook 14 Trainer


Sharing Spaces and Educational Technology Resources:


Social Media Profiles:

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