PLN/PLC Resources

Don’t you just love the use of acronyms? It seems that the ICT world is filled with them. I jokingly refer to a PLN as Phil’s Learning Network. The more traditional definitions are Personal Learning Network, and some prefer the term Professional Learning Network. In the end, it is a bit of both.

PLC – a Professional Learning Community, which can be your colleagues down the hall or an on-line community.

Over time I plan to expand on some resources on this page, and of course, I will need to blog about some of these resources in future posts. Here are a few links to get you started building your own PLC:


Twitter has become an amazing treasure of resources for me. I was “one of those” skeptics who could not understand the potential of a micro-blogging platform. How could you get anything done with such a small character limit? I encourage you to explore my Digital News Bytes section of this site to see some of the latest resources shared by my Learning Community.